Features designed to impress!
Feature By feature


View the progress on all the projects you care about in one personalized space.


Increase efficiency and reduce bottlenecks with quick set-up, performance monitoring, and customizable workflows of your tasks and projects.

Admin Controls

Easily add users, manage teams and configure settings so you and your employees don’t miss a beat!

Assign Tasks

Provide every task a designated lead so everyone knows who is accountable.


Cultivate a happy and communicative workplace by pooling all of your team’s skills and strengths in one location.

Project Conversations

View and add commentary within documents for your team to respond to. Reply to assigned tasks and clarify exactly what needs doing.

Document Version Tracking

Quickly locate a document’s original and edited versions, so that collaboration and frequent revisions don’t slow you down.

Private Projects

Allow yourself to work without interruptions to get what you need done.

Audit Trail

Access a project’s activity log, allowing complete transparency.


Make to do lists, take meeting notes, brainstorm, or quickly jot down an important phone number in your personal Notes.

Live Linked Documents

Working documents automatically updated as edits are made to source documents.

Create Teams

Create your game winning teams, share and communicate to keep everyone in the know.


Easily and effortlessly upload, edit, and collaborate on Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents with your team.

Easy to Use

Triyo was designed with usability in mind for maximum efficiency and ease of use.


Effortlessly create tasks for you or assign tasks to others!


Create and organize initiatives, projects or tasks for your team to collaborate on.


See all your tasks and priorities in one place by syncing your e-mail with Triyo.

Instant Chats

Quickly clarify a task with a colleague, without clogging up your e-mail.


Keep your project moving forward and expedite decisions with customizable approval processes, mapped to your directory.

E-mail Alerts

Keep up to date, plan your day and stay on top of your projects with ease.