How Modularity Defines TRIYO’s Personalized Product Philosophy

by Nicole Louis

Modularity as a product design concept in business has proven successful across industries. It allows customers to focus on those elements of an offering which add value to their business, without the burden of extra components which do not. 

TRIYO, a best-in-class collaboration and project management tool, was created with exactly this principle in mind. “When we were building TRIYO, the benefits for our users of offering them a modular product rather than a one-size-fits-all was always on our minds” says Rajiv Chatterjee, Co-Founder and CEO of TRIYO. “Our customers are looking for software solutions that can be tailored and calibrated specifically to their exact requirements, as opposed to solutions where they need to adapt their own behaviours in order to implement.” 

Behaviour change is also an important consideration for Rajiv.  TRIYO has leveraged the API economy to ensure that the software integrates seamlessly with the users’ current toolkits. “80% of users never even need to visit the TRIYO platform” he states proudly. 

TRIYO is a truly modular piece of software, boasting four bespoke blocks from which users can select: 

  1. Operation Visibility Module: Giving managers unparalleled operational visibility. Allied to this is TRIYO INSIGHTS ® Intelligent Dashboards which provide in-depth descriptive, predictive and prescriptive data analytics 
  1. Collaboration Module: A unique collaboration tool which transparently integrates with users’ daily use applications and simplifies collaboration across distributed teams, providing efficiency gains of approximately 25%  
  1. Project and Task Management Module: A class leading project management tool providing state of the art functionality and flexible workflows across the organization 
  1. Intelligent Repository Module: A contextual repository which pre-filters information allowing for significantly quicker and more efficient searches 

“Each customer has a unique set of challenges and is looking for a product specifically attuned to their situation. Our modular approach gives us the flexibility to refine TRIYO to the specific needs of every customer”, says Rajiv, “and it is this individualizedbespoke solution focus that will carry us forward in assisting our customers to work smarter and more efficiently.” 

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