Analysts Can Stop Searching for a Tool to Ease Their Workload

by Sean Vaserman


We have heard the same sentiment time and time again: first year banking analysts are overworked with repetitive tasks. That is why TRIYO offers a comprehensive search feature designed specifically to help banking associates navigate deal history with ease.

TRIYO provides a fully searchable repository of tasks by:

  1. Title
  2. Meta-tags
  3. Team members
  4. Version

Every action gets stored, time-stamped, and can be searched for on a granular level. More importantly, TRIYO can uniquely search through the content inside of the deal documents associated with a task.

Banking analysts can use contextual key words in their search with predictive auto-complete that can help save even more time.

The search results clearly show exactly where the search strings are found within documents, comments, and project names. On this screen, analysts can view a list of all items with reference to the search key words, sortable by team members, time-stamps, and file types.

TRIYO’s search feature is not the only way that we can help first-year analysts improve their work-life balance. Our platform also offers a collaboration plug-in, deal history navigation, and task management features.

To find out more about TRIYO or to book a free demo, contact us by clicking here.

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